Lose Your Weight With Natural Diet in One Week

The trick to eating for weight loss isn’t really so tricky: It’s as simple as eating more colorful, good-for-you fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C burns fat by liquefying it so the body can easily flush it out of the system. Choose fat burning foods that are naturally high in Vitamin C such as – apples, berries, broccoli, cabbage and citrus fruits.

Apples and Berries

Apples and berries also contain Pectin, which restricts the amount of fat our cells can absorb; it forces the cells to discharge fatty deposits so aiding natural weight loss. Berries such as blackberries, blueberries, black and red currants, raspberries and strawberries help to detox your body, boost your metabolism and make your the body more efficient at burning fat.

Calcium Rich Foods

Broccoli, cabbage, milk and milk bi-products such as cheese and yoghurt contain Calcium. Calcium aids natural weight loss because it speeds up the process of breaking down the fat content of fat cells.

High Protein Foods

Protein also plays an important part in fat burning foods and natural weight loss; choose food that is naturally high in good quality protein such as eggs, lean meat, fish (tuna, salmon and sardines) and nuts (the unsalted variety).


Garlic or Garlic oil are both good for natural weight loss, they assist in the reduction of fatty deposits.

Green Tea

Green tea will boost your metabolism and speed up the rate at which your body burns fat. It also contains powerful anti-oxidants with anti-cancer and anti-heart disease properties see Power Foods.


Hot Peppers

Hot peppers also speed up the metabolism and help to burn more calories.

Whole Grains

Whole grains and oatmeal contain fat-absorbing fiber, which not only keeps you feeling full and bursting with energy but they also increase the metabolism by burning fat and calories.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the oil to use. It comes from natural sources, helps to keep your cholesterol levels down and is one of the fat burning foods.


Soup made from natural ingredients is a tremendous appetite suppressant. The traditional habit of serving soup as a starter prevents you eating too much in the main course. Try it yourself and you will find the amount of food you can eat in your main course will drop dramatically. Also read Diet Fat Burning Soup Recipe.


Soybeans (natural not hydrogenated soybean oil) contain the chemical lecithin, which protects your cells from accumulating too much fat and helps in the break down of fatty deposits in your body.


Water cleanses the body inside and out, it flushes out the system and removes harmful toxins. You must drink plenty of water for a diet of fat burning foods to work properly and aid natural weight loss, our bodies consist of 70% water and it needs replenishing daily.

Add this list of fat burning foods to your diet and natural weight loss will come easily to you.

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