Eat For Wait Loss

Whether we are at our ideal weight or we are trying to
lose weight there is one constant that remains the same
if we are to remain healthy and vital.

We all have to eat!!

If we want to lose weight it comes down choosing what,
how often and when you eat.
One of the best strategies for eating to lose weight
involves what would seem to be “eating more”. Eating
6 small meals a day instead of eating only 3 larger meals a
day works well for most people.

While in terms of actual calories you really are not eating
more the fact that you are eating more often makes it seem
to be the case. However, what you are really doing is just
continuously stroking the metabolism fire by eating often enough to never get too hungry. That is actually the trick. Eat small meals often and your body will come to rely on steady fuel without the excesses that we all tend to consume when we let ourselves get too hungry.
Another strategy to consider is what you eat. Protein is
metabolized much slower than carbs and fiber tends to slow
down the metabolism of carbs. So when you add a bit of protein
to each meal it slows down the conversion of carbs to sugars in
your bloodstream. Also, “white” carbs that are devoid of fiber
tend to break down into sugar in your bloodstream very quickly
causing your energy to spike and then crash.

So the trick there is to add protein to every meal and make sure
that the carbs you eat are the complex, natural kind that provide
natural fiber. Think whole grains, vegetables and beans and legumes.

One of the worst things that you can do is to drastically cut your
calorie consumption. The problem arises because our bodies are
designed to keep us alive. If you body detects that it is starving
your metabolism will essentially shut down. You will not burn the
same amount of calories, if you do it long enough your body will
grow more hair (I know sounds pretty gross but it’s true!) to keep
you warm and you will start needing much more sleep. Starving for
quick weight loss is not a good strategy.

If you want to lose weight and remain healthy, strong and vital
learn to eat to lose weight. You need to eat anyway!

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