Diet Schedule for Health Fitness


Take Breakfast at early in the morning including one boil-egg Breakfastwithout yolk, two slice of brown bread and a cup of hot coffee as this would be an perfect  breakfast for you in reducing your body calories.


Have a lunch with salads devoid of croutons. The ideal calories reducing lunch will be consisted of vitamins, onions, carrots, minerals, fibers, tomatoes, green peppers, vegetables and pthlides, etc.

If you use these lunch items for a period of 15 days, it is guaranteed that your calories would be decreased with that span of time and your chances of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, artery diseases and diabetes will be decreased and lead you into better health conditions.


Make a boil fish or chicken at dinner time as this is the best dinner recipe in order to cut-lose the body fats or calories but make sure that fish or chicken must be cooked at 165 degrees F (or 74 degrees C) so that you may have an excellent fatless dinner also with added salads.

Portion control in Dinner

You should merely eat when you are feeling crave. Have a good breakfast because throughout the night rest you didn’t have a bite in your stomach.

Add on coffee along with one brown bread slice during the portion control situation as it’s also not the time for eating like breakfast, dinner and lunch, because portion control situation can be occurred at any time in the day. So, you would be perfectly smart.

Brown Bread

This way of reducing the calories includes vegetables, fruits, juices, fish and chicken without using red-meat, cheese and butter. The side dishes add no calories and these dishes make the body smart, healthy and fit if you do have a plan of joining the gymnasium also.


The desserts plan consists of corn syrup, dextrose, fruit juice, maltose, maple syrup, molasses and barley malt, etc. Sometimes it contains the ice-cream plan like chocolate which is very good and worthwhile for loosing the calories and better mind and heart conditions.

Freshen your drink

Take at least 20 glasses of water daily as water is the best tonic for loosing the body calories or fats through the urinal system.

If you take a fresh glass of apple, it would the real-tonic for your health as it refines the heart and loses the blood pressure and cholesterol. Or you can have a drink of banana, pine apple, orange, pomegranate and mango anytime you feel crave or hunger because it fulfills the required calories of the body.


Healthy and calories reducing snacks include fresh grapes, watermelon, skim milk, fresh fruits without ice-cream, fresh vegetable sandwiches, apple, peach, orange, fat free yogurt, salsa, veggies and chocolate.


It contains veggies, salsa and fresh fruits but it is moreover consisted of beans which are the major sources of proteins, fibers and folates.

Most calories cutting salsas are about 80 calories a cup. The tomato based alteration are loaded with lycopene which is plant consisting of chemical associated to lower perils of cancer and heart diseases.

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