Benefits of Eating Apple

Apple is really good of health. Apple is ranked to number 12. Why? Apple is contain full of fiber that help to prevent oxidant damages to normal cell activity.

Below is stated 6 benefits by Eating an Apple.

1) Healthier For Teeth - Bitting and chewing an Apple, it will help to reducing a tooth decay.  Because, by bitting and chewing an Apple is help to simulate a saliva produce inside your mouth.

2) Protect a Parkinson. – From the research, Who is always eating a fruits, they are have a low risk to have a Parkinson. It link to the fibre contain inside the apple will help to free radical-fighting power of the antioxidants.

3) Low Cholesterol – The soluble fiber inside the Apple is contain with the low cholesterol and it really good for your health.

4) Reduce Risk Of Diabetes – woman are not eat an Apple is 28% potencial get a diabetes rather than woman are at least taking one apple per day.

5) Boost the Human Immune System – Especially Red Apple is include with Antioxidant called quercetin. Quercetin is help boost a human immune system especially while in stress condition.

6) Prevent of Alzheimer’s – Latest research by drinking more apple juice, it will be help to keep away of Alzheimer’s and help to prevent to get an effect on brain aging.


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